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Topics in Computational Linguistics
Spring 2017

This is a seminar at the advanced level on fundamental syntactic computation.

Instructor: Sandiway Fong
Office: Douglass 311


Location Douglass 216
Time Wednesday 9:30-11:30 am


See lecture1 slides.

References: (so far)

The Hunt for a Label, Oishi, M. (2015)

Approaching UG from Below, Chomsky, N.A. (2007).

Lecture Notes

Available in Adobe PDF formats.


Date Lecture Notes Number
of Slides
8/23 lecture1.pdf 14 Readings for next time. Preliminaries: Combinatorics of Set Merge and Pair Merge.
8/30 lecture2.pdf 15 Merge basics. Software demo. Oishi (2015).
Unconstrained Merge for "the book": here
9/6 lecture3.pdf 14 Reasonable restrictions on Merge from grammar and the computational system.
Updated: 11:40am 9/6
9/13 lecture4.pdf 36 Accessing and using the system. The grammar. Abstract and conference slides on Possessive NPs.
9/20 lecture5.pdf 5 No lecture but do Exercises 1.1-1.5.
9/27 lecture6.pdf Infinite loops.
10/4 No slides Discussion: approaching UG from below.
10/11 lecture8.pdf 9 Discussion: approaching UG from below. Combinatorics and implementation of a simple sentences.
10/18 lecture9.pdf 32 Parallel implementation of the Free Merge Model. Dynamic programming. Impact of theoretical change on the combinatorics of the model.
10/25 Discussion: categorization and internal merge; parsing models.

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